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 Penetration Testing as a Service

React faster

Simple, cost-effective annual subscription that allows for on-demand pen test procurement at any time. Online progress tracking and real-time results enable swift action. Choose between a one-time Pen Test or continuous Pen Testing.

Accelerated fixes

Get active remediation at any time and retain knowledge for reuse. McClellantech work with DevOps tools like JIRA and Slack to help you meet timelines without sacrificing security.

Scale to your needs

No more waiting on slow human-driven pen testing services that can’t keep up with your needs. McClellanTech provides an on-demand and repeatable process with automated patch validation, retesting, and continuous automated scans.

Certified experts you can trust

Rather than rely on a marketplace of hackers using scattered tech stacks, we employ our own full-time team of CREST, OSCP and OSCE certified pen testers who use only trusted and production safe technology that we develop in-house.

Higher quality results

Our most effective hybrid of certified hacker experts quickly delivers high-quality results and analysis. Continuous addition of new risk checks ensures your stay ahead of your greatest threats.

Stay in compliance

Make sure you continually meet requirements for PCI, HIPAA, SOC-2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and more with pen testing, automated scanning, detailed reports on compliance indicators, and fast remediation capabilities.


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