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We protect businesses and organizations by hacking them and telling them about it

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We Cover All Security Challenges

McClellanTech is dedicated to delivering IT products and solutions that help customers secure their networks— all while reimagining how work gets done and redefining how their customers are served.



Get full-cycle penetration test security as a service for your enterprise. From simple website testing to network testing, we hack everything, then we tell you about it :)

Web Application Penetration Testing

Weak information validation and integrity in pages including forms or other data input. Lack of secure coding practices in web application source code.
Security vulnerabilities in back-end databases and networks exposed to the web application

Cloud Security

We test software maintenance issues including server in the cloud, OS versions update, application licenses check, resources availability & performance control.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

McClellanTech test for and identify a variety of issues. Malware is present in a mobile application or a user’s device. Phishing messages are sent to user devices. Weaknesses in WiFi networks. Compromise of mobile device management (MDM) protocols

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Threat Intelligence

Our engineers revise the current state of an web or mobile application, analyze its performance and possible bugs, and work out improvement plans to ensure better functionality of software products.

Network Penetration

Weaknesses in security tools like firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS). Weaknesses in network equipment like switches and routers. Vulnerabilities in servers, workstations, and other endpoints deployed in the network.

API Penetration Testing

Test application programming interfaces (APIs). Many IT systems expose APIs over the public Internet, have publicly available documentation, and enable access to valuable data, making them a prime target for attackers. 

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